Another Week Goes By!

And another week is in the books and the Young Dems are on the move!

As I said early on, the purpose of this project is to identify some new way to help in or engage with our community each week…and this week was no exception.

The Young Dems of the Central Midlands held their monthly business meeting. As usual, I left our meeting feeling fired up to do more and a long lists of tasks at hand–but this week was also a little different. We had 9 (!) new attendees who came out to join us and we’re so excited to have all them involved.


The big takeaway was that we’re all going to do more expand our reach and engage with folks. So back to the task at hand–what did I do this week?

I took a big leap into organizing my precinct and started reaching out to people in my area (for those who are familiar with Columbia, it’s the Woodlands precinct). The goal is to organize and activate this precinct, so that:

1) We don’t look up two years from now and have to reinvent the wheel for the next election cycle.

2) To make sure that, as group and as a community, our voices are heard both within the Democratic Party and among our elected officials.

3) To raise the visibility of Democrats in this area.

I’m excited to see where this goes–and I’d ask you to do the same! You can find your precinct here:


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