Week 4: Campaign Committee Re-Launch

Another week gone since the election–and we’re still hard at work! The big project this week was the re-launch of our campaign committee–and we have some exciting ideas for the next few years.

Just to re-cap some of what we’re working on:

– Candidate recruitment. In many of the state legislative races in 2016, Democrats didn’t even field a candidate–and even when they did–they didn’t receive much support. We hope to change that by building an infrastructure for 2018 starting now.

– Re-building our precinct leadership. Many of us live in precincts that aren’t really active–or only active when it comes time for the convention. We hope to change that. We’ll be reaching out to Democratic primary voters in our precincts to get them engaged and involved.

– Collaboration. We’ve fallen down on working more closely with groups who share our values and work towards common goals. That also changes today. Each member of the campaign committee will work on better embedding themselves in other groups to understand the issues that are important to young people and to avoid getting trapped in an echo chamber of our own creation.

– New ways to communicate. We plan to expand our efforts to reach and engage in new ways. One recent example of this is the new page, Progressives of the Midlands. Check it out–we hope it becomes an online space to engage folks around the progressive issues that are most important to them and provides a forum for local progressive events.

We have an enormous amount of work to do–and the campaign committee can’t do it all on their own. So, please join us! Our next business meeting will be December 7th at 6 PM at 915 Lady Street in Columbia.

– Scott


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