Women’s March on Washington


Several of our members will be participating in the Women’s March on Washington–and we wanted to share with you one member’s perspective on why he’ll be there. If you are interested in going–let us know! We’ll be organizing carpooling to go up to DC.

“Donald Trump represents a movement of the republican party to the extreme right. His 100 day plan gives the wealthiest in our country huge tax breaks when inequality is at an all time high only exacerbating the national debt, promises more coal jobs when it is now cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use natural gas, promises to back out of international treaties that will undermine our country’s credibility in future deal-making, and will separate undocumented parents from their children who are born naturalized citizens despite estimates that undocumented immigrants provide $12 billion/year in taxes to the struggling Social Security fund according to the Social Security Administration.  There are measured responses to address each of these issues and the many others that Trump’s proposed policies butcher, but his all or nothing approach will leave our country will quality policies along the likes of Trump Water and Trump University.  We have elected a con man for president.

I am marching on Washington to let him, our Congress members, and America know that I and thousands of others will be vigilantly watching him and attempting to limit his ability to wrong the United States.  I want the rest of America who feels alone and afraid to know they are not alone and encourage them to get engaged so something like this never happens again.”


–Max Wesemann


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