Rebuilding Together

I–and we–didn’t do enough and haven’t done enough. As Democrats, as residents of Columbia, and as young people, we’ve failed.

Many of you reading this may have phone banked or gone door-to-door for your candidates. Others have been tireless in their service to their community in other ways. I’ve tried to the same–but I could have done more. There was the phone bank I signed up for and skipped. There was that training that I promised to attend but then I bailed at the last minute. We’ve all been there. Progress is hard and complacency is easy.

But today is a brand new day, and we owe it to ourselves and to our country to do more and not to wallow in our loss. As Secretary Clinton said in her concession speech, quoting from Galatians, “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, we shall reap, if we do not lose heart.”

So, today we start anew. Every week through October of next year I’ll be doing one substantive thing to make our city, our state, and the US a better place, and I’ll be talking about it here. My ask to you tonight is to join me and do the same–and share your story!

I’ll start with a twofer. This week, I donated $100 to Lutheran Services Carolinas. They do the hard and essential work of helping settle refugees in the Carolinas who have suffered persecution in their homeland. After refugees arrive, they help arrange housing, available social services, and employment. It’s incredibly important work. Check them out here:

Additionally, as of next week, I will be starting as the newest member of the Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee for the City of Columbia as a representative of my City Council district, focusing on transportation planning and to advising the council on issues around walking and biking in Columbia. Interested in serving on a committee? Check out the list on the Columbia website:

Hopefully you’ll follow along and join me. My hope is that by posting here, we’ll be able to hold each other accountable.



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